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Group Interviews, Video and the Haystack Interview App.

Learn how Burger Burger used video, group interview bookings and the Haystack interview app to get the best out of their group interview process.

Poncho Rivera
People & Culture Manager

Gain insights into how your potential employees will fit your business.

Find out how Jo in HR at Hannah's uses Haystack to help her business grow.

"Haystack gives us an insight into how our potential employees will engage with our customers."


Free up your Human Resources Team.
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Find out how Jodie & Mark from Barworks used haystack to help their business.

Time saving, & better communication with applicants.

"Find out how Michelle from Lightingplus saves times communicating with applicants, and how she stay organised with mobilised application forms."

Recruit for personality, attitude and team fit.

Find out how Tyler uses video to recruit people that fit his team culture.


“Since using Haystack in the last 2 months we have had the best success with our recruiting yet and made 33 hires across 5 branches of Mexicali Fresh. The video functionality allowed us find a store manager which we could have otherwise missed. Haystack has allowed us to save time and ensure we get to the better quality candidates and give each good CV the full attention it deserves.”

Tyler Kerlin
Director of Operations

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