Duty Manager (FOH) - Burger Burger - AKLD Takapuna

Our vision is to become New Zealand's most loved hospitality brand.

We believe that a leader is great, not for their ability to do everything themselves, but rather for their ability to nurture and empower others to do the right thing. This is what truly reveals the quality of leadership. We know that teamwork is the foundation of hospitality and we believe strong leadership is the key to ensuring our teams are happy, and operating with purpose.

This job can be done by anyone with the right character and a related background that shows you can lead and take care of customers. We prefer to hire character and train skill, because you can't teach honesty or commonsense.

We have built 3 legendary Auckland restaurants, and will be expanding to 15 new locations in 3 years. Right now, we are looking for a Duty Manager to lead our Takapuna Front of House team.

Email Hannah for further details or expressions of interest.

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