Bar Tenders & Floor Staff - Pan Head Brewery

Panhead's beers have rapidly become some of the best regarded and most sought after beers in New Zealand.

We’re very excited about our pop up custom bar for the summer of 17/18 in the Auckland Viaduct


Forget your indie hipsters with day jobs in IT, Panhead Custom Ales are NZ’s Finest Beer Engineers. We like to strip down and rebuild brews with the natural good taste and discernment of true blue beer lovers. We have our range of core classics dear to the hearts of our dedicated fan base and an ongoing series of pimped-out specials where Job One is to blow people's mind.

The people needed to rev up our excellent new site will need to have an all-round set of skills, ideally coming from a bartending background and love of all things hospo.

The qualities that will help you score the role at our Panhead Custom Bar are:

  • A love of craft beer
  • Can sell craft beer
  • Have a personality
  • Love interacting with customers
  • Able to communicate clearly
  • Extremely motivated
  • Team player
  • Creative thinker
  • Above all provide awesome customer service

If you have the above qualities & think you have got what it takes to help us deliver Panhead Custom Ales fine brews to the fine folk of Auckland and beyond.

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