Barista Trainer/ Hospitality Operations Manager - Barista Academy NZ

Awesome opportunity to become a Barista Trainer and hospo ops manager for the summer. 
We will train you so no teaching experience is required.
We are looking for someone with 3-5+yrs coffee making experience and maybe some asst cafe manager experience ,you need to have good communication skills have a passion for helping people, be super reliable and be up for creating a fun lively classroom experience. 
$22-$25ph Flexible schedule and an opportunity to stay on in a part time capacity after summer.
( this role may even fit in around barista / cafe shift if you already have a job sorted) 
If this sounds like you dont be shy we are looking for the right attitude and so long as you know about coffee we can teach you all the rest. ☕️🌈❤️
We would prefer a nice intro email and meet n great rathe than you spending hours creating cv.

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