Duty Manager/Bar Manager - Candyshop NZ


We are a new opening All Day Eatery called "The Candy Shop"in New Market this coming December. We are a well known strong hospitality team base who are highly experienced within this industry. We will be roasting our own coffee, serving outstanding quality food & beverages day to night and we are looking for some great people to join our team.

Our mission is to make our customers smile when they come in and smile as they leave. Our people are our most valuable ingredient, the heart of our business, the face of our brand and what truly makes our place experience exceptional to customers. We need our people to be passionate, positive, honest, dedicated, proudly working and respectful. Also highly motivated enthusiastic and energetic. This is us, we work hard and we laugh hard.

We are currently seeking someone who already has their LCQ and Managers Certificate to be a Duty Manager and also a Bar Manager.

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