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Manage your entire hiring process from one clean, simple, and totally mobile hub

Eliminate messy spreadsheets, tame your overflowing inbox, and find your best candidates faster

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Here’s how Haystack makes hiring easy for everyday business people

Step 1: Advertising Jobs & Finding Applicants

You need a great hire – PRONTO! When it’s time to find your next superstar, we make sure you can hit the ground running with our recruitment software.



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Advertise as Usual

Job boards, billboards, social media, print ads. Haystack collects and manages all your applications - no matter what the source.

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Collect CVs in any Format

PDFs, Word docs - even pictures! Store CVs in any format. Applicants can even apply from their smart phones!

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Import Applicants From E-mail

Already started recruiting? Adding existing applicants is as easy as forwarding an e-mail or uploading a file.

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Customise Your Screening Questions

Weed out unqualified candidates with customisable screening questions. Haystack flags ineligible applicants and shows you every candidate’s answers.

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Know Where Applicants Apply From

See the country your applicants apply from, then sort or eliminate CVs from overseas.

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Choose Smart Skill Sets & Roles

Not sure what skills you should be looking for? Haystack has a large database of skills to help spark some ideas and get you moving.


Job-seekers can upload a 60-second video from their mobile device, showcasing their personality and professionalism ways that written CVs can't.

Step 2: Sorting & Reviewing Candidates

As the résumés come pouring in, Haystack keeps everything organised (and helps keep you sane).


haystack gives you the power to...

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Keep Applicant Info at Your Fingertips

See résumés, cover letters, contact details and more, all connected on the same screen.

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Stay Synced Everywhere

Our mobile app syncs and saves your progress automatically on any device. Pick up where you left off and recruit on the run.

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Search by Keyskills

Punch in any keyword you’re interested in and Haystack highlights relevant applications.

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Rank Your Applicants

Assign each applicant a rating, making it easy to compare and recall your best candidates.

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Highlight Your Favorites

Found someone stellar? “Favorite” their CV to remind yourself they’re a standout talent.

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Avoid Serial Applicants

See every past role an applicant has applied for, including the emails exchanged and the notes you took.

Step 3: Interviewing & Hiring

You’ve found some great talent - now it’s time to interview! Contacting candidates, tracking conversations, and interviewing new hires couldn’t be simpler.

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haystack makes it easy to...

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Call or Email From Inside the App

No need to dial a number or fish for an email address – just click and communicate.

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Track Email Conversations

Haystack saves email threads and highlights unread messages so that you’ll never lose track or miss out on a conversation again!

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Update Your Progress

Know where you’re at with every candidate. “Actions” make it easy to see who you’ve rejected, contacted, scheduled, and interviewed at a glance.

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Schedule an Interview

Schedule and send interview requests straight from the app and avoid clunky calendars.

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Take Notes

Jot down important notes on the candidate and pull them up any time.

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Send Bulk E-mails

From telling them you got their application to letting candidates know the job’s been filled, you can build customised emails from Haystack’s templates and update all your candidates at once.

Haystack app available now!

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Is Haystack easy to use?

Absolutely! Haystack was built for the everyday businessperson. You’ll be ready to start hiring immediately, no technical know-how required.

Is it affordable for my business?

You bet. We’ve got single-job, multi-job, or monthly plans, so you save a bundle by only paying for what you need. You’d be crazy to pay more!


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Haystack is easy to use software that has you up and running in minutes. We have taken the complexity out of our product and made it intuitive and easy to learn.
Every step of your recruiting process is taken care of so you can concentrate on getting to the interview stage to find your next great staff member.

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