VIDEO PROFILES – Stuck? Here are some hints and tips on how to nail yours

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So you’ve signed up to as a jobseeker, and you’ve filled out your profile, right? Fantastic!
But while you might have had a look through the Video Upload option, your video section is still sitting their unused, because… well, let’s be honest you’re not quite sure what to do for it.

We get it – trying a new approach to finding a job can be intimidating – especially when it could be the difference between you landing an interview or your CV landing in the rejection pile – so we’ve put together some tips and ideas to help you NAIL IT first time round!

Think: ‘What’s the goal here?’

The first thing you might want to think about is what you’re trying to achieve or communicate with your video. There’s no point in simply rattling off your qualifications or experience – that’s what you CV is for!
Think of this video as a ‘first impression’ for your future employer. You want them to immediately see what it is that makes you the one that they need for the role, so make sure you are presenting your best self.

Content: What to Put In

Videos should ideally be around 60 seconds long – any longer and HR might just cut it short! Bearing this in mind, you want to make your visual impact as big as possible!

Dress to Impress

You don’t have to dress up in a three piece suit or an evening gown, but keep in mind the advice about ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. If you’re applying for predominantly office roles, office attire will make it easier for your future employer to visualise you fitting into their office. If it’s more bar work you’re after, dress like a pro – collared shirts, tidy hair and perhaps even an apron. If you’re applying for a wide range of roles then simply dress to impress – tidy, professional looking clothes will give a great first impression.

Find a good setting

While the focus of the video is of course YOU, your background will contribute to the overall impression you leave on your future employer.
If you don’t have a desk or professional looking area, at least make sure your backdrop is tidy (no overflowing laundry basket or breakfast dishes!) or make it interesting – shoot outside if it’s not too noisy, or leaning on a breakfast bar in place of a bartop for instance.

Have any props on hand

Of course, not all jobs applications will lend themselves to the use of props, but if you’re applying for something in a creative field, or customer service or entertainment, then use this CV augmentation to reinforce your listed skills or abilities! If you can flair, now is the perfect time to end your video with a bit of wow factor. If you’re a designer – have on hand something you’ve drawn up or created. Whatever you think is worth drawing attention to!

Content: What to leave out

What to leave out is fairly straightforward – if you wouldn’t say it or wear it to an interview, it probably shouldn’t be included in your video!

To Summarise

  • Don’t swear
  • Dress well – your first impression will stick!
  • Keep backround noise to a minimum
  • Stay in shot the whole video
  • Feel free to get creative, but don’t make it too complicated
  • Have fun with it!

We hope this helps – if you have any questions about your individual videos please drop us an email! We’re here to help you make the most of this new approach to job applications, and we want it to work just as much as you do!               






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