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Find, screen and hire your best candidates in a fraction of the time


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“Employers Give Haystack A Whirl!”

Recruitment software to find, screen and hire the best candidates in a fraction of the time

All the info you need in one place, no fuss, no stress

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Review all your CV applications from any device all in the one place. Say “bye, bye” to your cluttered inbox, we take the chaos and organise it in a beautiful and tidy way!

Stupendously simple, easy to use software to recruit great staff. You can automate so much of your hiring process without being a rocket scientist.


Need to hire someone great, but hate the chaos of managing the process yourself?

Meet Haystack - a simple but powerful recruitment software built for busy business owners (like you!)

Here’s how Haystack will help your business


Find out what you need to know about your applicant

Post your job ad as you normally would, customise your screening questions, sit back and weed out unqualified candidates in a fraction of the time.


Go beyond a CV

CV’s only tell you part of the story. Watch a 60 second pre-interview video that applicant’s record right from their phone, explaining why they think they are suitable for your job. Quickly weed out the tyre kickers and find the best people to interview.


Take your recruiting process with you

See everything you need to know on one a single screen both from a desktop or our mobile app. With all the right information right in front of you, it’s easy to make the best decisions about who best to hire.


Hire staff who really want to work for you

With Haystack, never make a bad hiring decision again because you had to rush your recruiting process. You’ll be done before you know it, with a great team member and with time to spare.


Don’t let the good ones slip through the cracks

Haystack gives you the power to sort through who is interested in your job and saves you wasting time on under qualified or unsuitable applicants.

A whole recruiting solution at your fingertips!

Job boards are sometimes great at getting you lots of applicants, but what do you do when you get too many applicants?
Haystack is a job board and recruiting system all in one to help you find good staff when you need them quickly.

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Find out why so many of our customers love using haystack.

“Learn why and how haystack has helped various businesses save time, free up their HR department and find great talent easily.”


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