Why Your Business Should Focus On Software

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Having the right systems is a crucial part of the efficient running of your business. They enable you to spend less time worrying about the little things and more time focusing on the bigger picture. Systems are NOT all about technology and software, but, the technology and software available can support and deliver amazing systems. Depending on how […]

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Why The Best Sales Techniques Won’t Cost You A Cent

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Your business is now established: you’ve got a good name and reputation, and some loyal customers who share a similar enthusiasm as you for your brand. Now it’s time to grow, but how? You might think employing a star sales person is the answer. However, there are some ways to achieve sales and grow your […]

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Personal Websites – are they the next stage of Evolution for the CV?

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You won’t find Barnaby Lawrence on Facebook. At least, not the one we talked to. In fact, if you Google his name, you will come up with very few relevant results, aside from some articles on The Pond, and his LinkedIn page.

For a Millennial, who works in the digital industry, this might seem like a surprising move. We decided to catch up with Barnaby to talk about Facebook, Personal Branding and the Future of personal digital promotion and CVs.

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