Honest Feedback, Where Do You Draw The Line?

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Honesty is the best policy, but that doesn’t mean it’s always well received. Honest feedback, or what I like to call ‘constructive criticism’ is often needed, even welcomed in the work place. It’s how we improve in all matters, be it social skills or work skills. Every now and then however, an employee takes an […]

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Hiring Right Fit (assessing for job fit)

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Whenever businesses tell me they haven’t hired the right person, it often seems to come down to the person’s behaviours or fit, it is rarely their skills at fault. Many businesses, really struggle to assess ‘fit’ or behaviour and lack the techniques and tools to do so. They continue to focus on ‘skills’ and keep […]

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Personal Websites – are they the next stage of Evolution for the CV?

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You won’t find Barnaby Lawrence on Facebook. At least, not the one we talked to. In fact, if you Google his name, you will come up with very few relevant results, aside from some articles on The Pond, and his LinkedIn page.

For a Millennial, who works in the digital industry, this might seem like a surprising move. We decided to catch up with Barnaby to talk about Facebook, Personal Branding and the Future of personal digital promotion and CVs.

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No Job Land – got the Talent but can’t get the Work

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When we talk about people struggling to find a job, we tend to default to the image of an unreliable, unqualified or unmotivated person, who ‘just isn’t trying hard enough’.
Interestingly, there is another group of unemployed job seekers who are motivated, professional and skilled – but keep getting turned down. This article is on Steve’s story and his experience in the doldrums of ‘no-job-land’.

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