The Six Traits of Successful Candidates

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6 Personality Traits You Should Look for When Hiring & One You Might Want to Think Twice About.   Qualifications and experience are important, but if you hire someone solely on these alone, you may end up with an employee who is intolerable or unreliable! When hiring staff, it’s important to remember to take into […]

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Trade Me’s Secret Sauce.

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Trade Me’s Secret Sauce – why their Recruitment Culture is so good. Trade Me is New Zealand’s very own Wonder Child. Equal parts Kiwi humility, ingenuity, and innovation, there is little doubt now, that Trade Me is a true success story in the tech start-up world. Now in its late teens, Trade Me has well […]

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How to assess cultural fit when hiring and why it’s so darn important.

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Each company has a personality; it has an energy about it that you can generally describe. There are often quirky characteristics that may come about due the industry it is in, team gender split, size, or even the owners personality and what they impose on the business. In a small to medium business you often […]

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